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SATO tech is the trade mark of shock absorbers, trunk shock absorbers, suspension springs and radiators producing for most European, Asian and American vehicles. The range of brand SATO tech includes:

Twin-tube oil shock absorbers

Possess high operational qualities, strong and durable shocks. This series is designed for maximum comfort when driving around the city.


Twin-tube gas shock absorbers

Provide control over the road, improve smoothness. They respond well to bumps and provide comfort in driving. This series is characterized by a perfect balance of comfort and controllability.


Monotube gas shock absorbers

Provide the maximum safety and excellent handleability of the car. This series is specially designed for active drivers. Reinforced design is created for increased loads.


Trunk Shock Absorbers
(Gas Struts)

Designed to lift and hold the hood or trunk lid in a raised position making sure that they open/close smoothly. Provide performance under any temperature conditions.


Suspension Springs

Provide optimal control of the car at any speed and guarantee error-free operation of the car suspension.


Cooling system radiators

Provides effective temperature control. One of the most important systems, the operation of which affects the correct functioning of the car.



Twin-tube oil shock absorbers

SATO tech twin-tube oil shocks are designed for everyday trips around the city. Performance characteristics provide them with excellent ride and driving comfort in urban environments.


Twin-tube gas shock absorbers

SATO tech twin-tube gas-oil dampers are specifically designed to provide maximum safety and excellent car handling. These SATO tech shock absorbers are oriented on active drivers.

Gas oil dampers are the most common. Their popularity lies in the fact that at low speeds they are soft, at higher speeds they become tougher.


Monotube gas shock absorbers

These shock absorbers possess high operational qualities, durability and reliability.
Gas-filled monotube shock absorbers SATO tech are specifically designed to ensure the energy intensity of the vehicle suspension, overcoming the unevenness of the roadway. This series is designed to drive cars on bad roads and off-road.

The monotube design in combination with high-pressure gas provides excellent handling characteristics when driving, both off-road and smooth roads.


Trunk Shock Absorbers (Gas Struts)

Sato tech trunk shock absorbers (gas struts) are a reliable, high-quality product. During production, we use a special rod coating to guarantee high-quality sealing.

Thus, we maintain performance characteristics — smooth ride provided by gas filling under high pressure.

Suspension Springs

Sato tech suspension springs are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies that ensure compliance with the highest product quality standards.

With modern production technologies, we can create reliable, high-quality springs designed for extended service.

Cooling system radiators

Designed to cool the engine and maintain the operating temperature. In the category "Cooling systems" Sato tech presents radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, air conditioner radiators (condensers) and stove radiators.

Radiators are manufactured using ISO / TS 16949: 2009 standard. All products are thoroughly tested, which guarantees the quality and compliance with the characteristics of OE (original equipment) products.

About the company

The main focus area of SATO tech brand - manufacturing suspension elements. To date, shock absorbers for European, Asian and American vehicles are produced under the brand name SATO tech. The full product range covers most of the famous car models.
For the manufacture of SATO tech products used the latest high-tech equipment.

Advantages of SATO tech

The design of SATO tech shock absorbers is implemented to

- increase the quality of the adhesion of wheels to the road;
- improve the resistance of the car to rollover;
- prevent depreciation of other elements and components;
- create the most comfortable conditions while driving.

The introduction of a number of innovations in the manufacture of SATO tech shock absorbers:

- improves performance;
- increases wear life;
- helps reduce roll and drift in the corners;
- increases the service life of tires and other chassis components of the car.

A strict quality control system provides for a full cycle of tests and product inspections at each stage of production.

Reliability indicators are confirmed by international certificates ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO / TS 16949.

SATO tech is a trademark of AUTO PARTS TRADING.
The company “Auto Parts Trading” has been successfully operating in the European market since 2009. The main activity of the company is the wholesale and retail trade in auto spare parts for passenger and commercial vehicles.
High quality products, the availability of all necessary certificates, warranty support are several of the determining factors for the development of the company, the constant growth of turnover and improvement of the partner network, which uses the same principles in the organization of retail and wholesale trade.

Unique Trade Company – the new owner of TM SATO tech


Exclusive distributor of SATO tech products is Unique Trade, the national distributor and supplier of auto spare parts in Ukraine.

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